20 Most Toxic Places on Earth

There’s no denying that our planet is beautiful. Take a look at all of the wonderful beaches, waterfalls, mountain ranges, and tell you can see our point!

However, a lack of care and an abundance of mismanagement on our part can have some pretty devastating effects on our lovely Earth. What’s truly heartbreaking is that each and every heavily polluted place can be cleaned by implementing and maintaining simple environmental policies!

In today’s article, we’ll go over the 20 most polluted places on planet Earth.

1. Linfen, China

Source: greenpeace.org

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Linfen, one of China’s largest mining towns, has been dealing with heavy smog for over the last few decades. What’s shocking is that the local government has many significant anti-pollution laws, but private miners – i.e. illegal by all standards – continue to disregard all policies in order to help the country meet its ever-rising energy needs.

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