20 Worst Things About Airline Travel

There are plenty of reasons to love air travel. The biggest advantage of going by plane is that it cuts down traveling time significantly when visiting faraway countries. No longer do we need to spend hours or days, switching modes of transportation to reach exotic lands.

But airline travel is far from perfect. In fact, for many people, the long process before even boarding a plane is enough to delay future travel plans.

Here are the top 20 things that everybody ABSOLUTELY hates about airline travel!

1. Hidden charges

Source: thisisinsider.com

Perhaps the promo price of a ticket was what prompted you and your family to travel to another land. After all, how often can you visit a foreign country for under $100 round-trip? Unfortunately, these astonishingly awesome value deals do not always represent the entire cost of the flight. Depending on the airline, you may be forced to purchase additional add-ons, including online check-in service or baggage check-in fees. If after everything’s set in stone and you’re unwilling to pay these exorbitant “optional” costs, canceling the ticket will cost you another $50.

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