22 ‘Health’ Foods you Should Never Eat

Our busy schedules force us to find the most convenient option for sustenance, namely fast-food restaurants. We know deep down that a morning bagel slathered in cream cheese, sugary doughnuts, and 20-oz. sweet coffees aren’t doing our bodies any favors.

Perhaps you stroll down the aisle of your local grocery store to pick up a healthy meal for a change – say, a granola bar or pre-made salad. What you may not know is more often than not, the “healthy” option isn’t always what it seems. Here are 20 foods that seem healthy but are the exact opposite.

1. Wheat Bread


Basically, the “wheat” label can mean any type of food that has trace amounts of the grain in it. Did you know that some tooth-rotting cereals can contain wheat and be labeled as healthy? If the wheat bread isn’t made of 100% whole wheat, stay away from it; it’s most likely enriched flour which heightens your blood sugar to dangerous levels.

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