40 Best Superfoods to Eat After Turning 40

They say that age is just a number. You may be 40 and feel 30, but the fact is that you need to be more careful of what you put in your body. As we age, our metabolisms slow down and blood pressure and cholesterol become harder to manage. However, just because you’re knocking on 40’s door doesn’t mean dish after dish of dry chicken breast and steamed broccoli. Here are 40 of the most beneficial superfoods that are safe to eat at 40 years old.

1. Almond Flour


One of the most effective ways to maintain your health is by reducing how many refined carbs you consume. Refined carbs are found in pasta, bread, and crackers. However, you don’t have to refrain from eating baked goods; simply make the switch from refined flour to almond flour. There are fewer carbs, way more healthy fats, and even traces of protein.

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